Caisson Work, Southampton

Inland Homes turned to BWL for our expertise on a highly technical civil engineering project at their residential development at Chapel Riverside in Southampton. The project involved the construction of a caisson that had been unsuccessful due to significant groundwater inflows. The original works were abandoned, and the site was temporarily made safe during COVID restrictions.

Our team was tasked with underreaming the existing 25m diameter caisson, reducing the base level by a further 4m in depth to achieve the required design depth of 18m from new ground levels. To achieve this, we designed and installed a well point dewatering system, which successfully lowered the water table and allowed for the removal of the existing precast concrete cutting shoe on the caisson rings.

Once the required formation level was achieved, we installed a 3.2m thick reinforced concrete base slab to resist the upward groundwater pressures. The final structure now houses a CSO pumping station that services the residential development at Chapel Riverside in Southampton.

This project presented a significant challenge due to the complex technical requirements and the need to work around COVID restrictions. However, our team was able to deliver a successful outcome, thanks to our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality results. We are proud to have contributed to this important development and look forward to taking on similar challenges in the future.

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